Take your next dish to a better place with Equagold. To create an unforgettable culinary dish look no further than Equagold supplying Australasia with outstanding fine food ingredients for over 10 years.

Recognised and used by Professional bakers, renowned chefs, fine food restaurants and celebrated in the home kitchen too. Sold by delicatessen, gourmet food stores, Independent supermarkets, fine food stores.

Equagold’s online shop specialising in fine food ingredients is proud to bring to the Australian market high quality vanilla pods, pure vanilla extracts, ground vanilla, XYZ (list ingredients on sale here)

As a purveyor of fine food ingredients from around the world with strict quality controls, Equagold is HACCP Certified, we ensure you receive the highest quality ingredients. Equagold is a manufacturer of a wide range of Vanilla products, Spice blends and Drinking chocolate and sources and packs down the most amazing bitter sweet Dutch Cocoa, Himalayan Pink Salt as well as the very best spices available.


Prune and Apricot Vanilla Loaf

This is a delicious fruit loaf using mainly prunes and apricots instead of the usual mixed fruit type mix, gently flavoured with Equagold Vanilla Grapeseed oil and vanilla raw sugar, in place of vanilla extract - a ‘come again’ sort of morsel.


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